Behringer Systems Clamps

Behringer Clamps' vibration-dampening pipe clamps are manufactured in different series for use in a variety of applications. The company's vast product offering makes it an extremely viable source for all contamination-related problems and applications. The core range of pipe clamps encompasses Standard Series, Heavy Series, and Twin Series. Behringer Clamps is noted as a leading manufacturer and supplier of High-Performance Filtration Products.

At Behringer, you'll find the convenience of a single source for hangers and clamps; filtration products including Mahle filter assemblies; valves including items from Rotelmann; as well as bar and tube equipment from Bultmann. From humble beginnings in 1869 as Behringer Metal Works, the company has evolved into a major manufacturer/supplier serving various sanitary and industrial markets, now supported online and through a network of over 1,800 authorized distributors worldwide.

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