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Parker Hannifin Cross Reference & Competitor Interchange

This single source website suggests the closest Parker equivalent product to the entered competitor, obsolete Parker or OEM part number.
Types of products you can enter:
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Components, Filters, Fluid Connectors, Seals, Pumps, Valves, Hoses and Fittings, Instrumentation

How to Use Parker's Competitive Cross Reference Tool to Find Hydraulic Valves

Parker's Competitive Cross Reference Tool allows for competitive hydraulic valve cross references and other valuable information.  The tool provides updated part numbers from legacy valves, competitive crossovers, and spare parts and accessories (coil kits, seal kits, etc). 

Cylinder Cross Reference Tools


NFPA Cylinder Conversion& Competitor Crossover Tools

This website converts legacy cylinders to current models.  Additional tool to crossover competitor cylinders to Parker.


Bimba "Original" Stainless Steel Pneumatic Cylinder to Parker Series SR

This website assists with the conversion of standard Bimba model numbers to Parker SR Series Cylinders.


Pneumatic ISO Cylinder Crossover Tool

This website assists with the conversion of Festo DNC and SMC CP95/96 to Parker P1D.

Electrical & Controls Cross Reference Tools


WAGO alternatives to products of other manufacturers

This website shows you WAGO products whose functionality corresponds to that of the selected manufacturer’s products. 

Eaton Cutler-Hammer

Eaton Electrical Products Cross Reference

Enter a competitor or Eaton part number to find Eaton replacement product options.

Filter & Filter Element Cross Reference Tools

baldwin hydraulic filter family

Baldwin Filter Finder

Baldwin's Filter Finder allows you to search for a cross-reference to a competitor part number or to look up the proper filter by application.

Stauff Filter Element FAmily

STAUFF Filter Element Finder

Online database for the interchange of replacement filter elements for hydraulic and lubricating oils and other industrial liquids.

Hose & Fitting Product Cross Reference Tools


Parker Industrial Hose Competitive Crossover Tool

Enter Competitor Part Number or Brand Name to Find Comparable Parker Hose.

Parker Fitting Finder Menu

Parker FittingFinder & Competitor Crossover Tools

Parker's FittingFinder program, designed for effortless tube fitting identification and location. 


Dixon Valve Competitor Crossover Tool

This website assists with the conversion of fittings, hose, and other components to Dixon.

Hydraulic Component Cross Reference Tools

Parker LSHT Hydraulic Motor TH Torqmotor

Parker Hydraulic Motor LSHT Torqmotors Competitive Crossover

This website converts legacy hydraulic motors to current models.  Additional tool to crossover competitor cylinders to Parker.

Parker Hydraulic Valve

Parker Hydraulic Valve Competitive Crossover

This website converts Parker Legacy (old to new p/n's) Parts Replacement, Hydraulic Valve Parts & provides a Competitive Cross Reference.


Parker Chelsea Power Take-Off Competitive Crossover

This website suggests the closest Parker equivalent product to the entered competitor to Parker Chelsea PTO's.


Magnaloy Coupling Competitive Crossover

Magnaloy Coupling provides direct interchanges for most major competitors parts. In some instances, there is also a retrofit interchange model available.


BVA Hydraulics Competitive Crossover

This website cross references a Enerpac, Power Team or Simplex Model Number to the matching BVA product, enter the product reference 

SPX Flow Power Team

SPXFLOW Power Team Competitive Crossover

This website provides a Competitive Cross Reference to SPXFLOW Power Team products.

Seals & Gaskets Cross Reference Tools


Freudenberg Seal Crossover Tool

Find matching Freudenberg design. Search. Please enter the name of the company or profile you want to replace.

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Component Interchanges - Cylinders, Filters, Pumps, & Valves
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