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Since the early 1900s, Betts Industries has been a vital part of the nation’s industrial sector. Dedicated to building long-lasting customer relationships and creating innovative products, Betts has numerous product categories designed to withstand the pressures of time as well as the elements. Pressure relief valves, pressure relief vents, pipe fittings, and valves are some of the products that Betts produce as well as lighting systems and accessories.

Betts Industries is a family-owned business that delivers innovative, high-quality, state-of-the-art technologies to consumers. From its primary base in PA, Betts conducts a turnkey business operation. Most products are designed and engineered in the company’s main manufacturing warehouse in Warren, PA. before being distributed throughout the United States and internationally. This warehouse, which has undergone several additions since 1901, now encompasses over 275,000 square feet over 15 acres. The aged building contains Betts’ core business operations, manufacturing, purchasing, and engineering. Its lamp division, also in Warren, manufactures lights, safety lamps, and accessories for trucks.

Betts product line include lighting, valves, vapor recovery values, manholes, fill lids, pressure relief valves, pressure relief vents, sump pumps, pipe fittings, elbows, mounting accessories, mechanical operators, test tanks, tools and emergency response equipment, air system accessories, and hydraulic system accessories. Customers can also order replacement parts for various products. The company also houses a Lamp Division producing both standard and custom lamp options:

Standard lamp options include back-up lamps, meter, and dome lamps, bar lamps, license lamps, floor lamps, tail lamps, side markers, strobes, and beacons.

Specialty lamps, like school bus lamps, are also part of the product line. Replacement bulbs and lenses, including incandescent and LED lights, are also available. The company also produces lighting accessories such as back-up alarms, plug scrubbers, LED display board lights, switches, and ABS stickers.

Betts lighting catalog offers a range of products in their Lamp Division of custom lighting components and wiring systems built the way you want.

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