BFM Fittings

For Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Mineral Processing Plants
  • 100% sealed, eliminating leaks and dust
  • No product build-up means better hygiene, easy to flush through for cleaning
  • Improved performance under pressure and movement
  • No tools are required for installation and changes, reducing health & safety risks
  • Extended product life thanks to robust design. Less downtime as changeover takes less than 40 seconds

BFM® manufactures a range of patented and protected (2006) blue-band connectors, spigots, covers, blanking caps, blanking socks, and bulk bag Loaders that replace the traditional hose-clamped connectors in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and mineral processing plants. Available in a variety of materials for a huge range of applications, BFM®'s most popular Seeflex connectors are 3A-approved, and conform with FDA, EC, and ATEX regulations.

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