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Dixon Pumps' is the best, most reliable, and efficient pump and pumping systems. Dixon products offer a broad spectrum of pump shaft speeds, from 0 to 1,400 RPM without causing damage to the pump. Today Dixon Pumps continues to manufacture the highest quality transfer pumps, tank cleaning, and filtration systems available. Not to mention, this technology is out-performing competitive pumps that have shaft speed limitations.

Dixon was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1979. The company has been used in PTO and Hydraulic motor applications for years. Once they set out to create better pumps and pumping systems, they decided to minimize harmonic resonance – which can cause destructive vibration. Better technology means better performance for you.

The Tri-Lobe impeller technology is the “man behind the curtain” for each pump and pumping system. What makes The Tri-Lobe impeller unique is the compatibility with the patented “wiper blade” vanes. The result of these two working together assists in improved flow and vacuum performance that outshines every other pump in the market today, so you experience optimum filtration and polishing of fuels and lubes.

You can often find these pumps on truck-mounted systems where minimizing off-loading time is crucial. A common problem with other pumps is when truck operators try to speed up, the pump can’t take the higher revolutions. What our team at MFCP enjoys about Dixon Pumps, is how the unique pump ends can be used in multiple applications where OEM customers can combine superior Dixon pump technology with their own products. 

Also available are:

  • Dixon Pump Transfer Mobile units providing easy entree to difficult-to-access locations. These units are also a great solution when there is a need for a highly mobile pumping station.

  • Dixon’s Mobile Tank Cleaning units clean out the debris. Clean out the sludge, grime, build-up, from the floor and up the walls of the tank.

    We know when it comes to your business, you can’t afford to have shoddy products that don’t do what they promise. Fuel and lube quality is critical for dependable operation and maintenance of construction and mining equipment, large trucks, buses, and other vehicles. Fuel quality suffers when storage tanks are affected by fuel additives or age.

Dixon Pumps’ can be used in many applications where OEM customers want to create a system of their own, you can view their catalog for more insight.

Dixon Pumps Products


Dixon Pumps




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