Inline Industries

Inline Industries is a California corporation, carrying a broad assortment of high-performance industry multi-port ball valves and automated systems.

They engineer a broad assortment of quality products out of an ISO 9001 production facility, based in California. The company carries a wide inventory of products that adhere to ANSI/ASME specifications for material content, pressure ratings, and quality assurance.

Inline Industries supplies an unrivaled line of sanitary valves intended for applications in pharmaceutical, semiconductor and food & beverage, to name a few. As a fully integrated manufacturer, the company is accredited for its high cycle, ISO 5211 direct mount valves which helps eliminate the need for expensive brackets. Their full line of ball valves, both stainless and carbon steel consist of quality and reliability at competitive prices.

Inline Industries automated systems with pneumatic/electric actuators and accessories ships within 24 hours of order. They are also able to modify a product or manufacture a design that fall within specific requirements. You can reach out to the staff at Inline Industries for any of your technical questions.

Inline offers a brochure with a wide range of products for you to choose from at competitive prices.

Inline Products


 Ball valves - Valve Automation


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