Kano Laboratories

Kano specializes in lubricating oils and other industrial products. One of their most televised items, Kano Kroil, is silicone-enhanced lubrication. In addition, they also sell other products for various industries like engine cleaners, maintenance, and other industrial solutions.

Since the late 1930’s Kano has produced lubricating oils to protect against engine wear. Over the years the company has relied on scientific research and customer feedback, which in return has granted them a reputable name. Kano products offer high-quality solutions that are distributed to companies both small and large, like Fortune 500.

The brand has been recognized for developing an oil that contains a special proprietary molecular design that creates an affinity to various metals. This oil enables rapid penetration and bond breakage. An incentive to trying the brand’s popular line of lubricants is if you are dissatisfied with your purchase you are guaranteed your money back.

When your equipment needs a little boost to work effectively check out Kano’s leak detector, mold release, industrial glass cleaner, adhesive materials, and industrial lubricants. Also developed for the trucking industry Kano offers engine cleaners to aid in performance, longevity, and effectiveness. Kreen and Floway are two of the company’s engine cleaners. They accommodate both diesel and gasoline engines.

Kano Laboratories Products



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