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Pac Stainless, an industry leader for stainless steel pipe equipment, notes that stainless-steel tubing is not just its leading product – it’s the heart of Pac’s business. From long-length coils to welded tubes, seamless tubes, and specialty sizes, the company makes it all with manufacturing facilities located in many different locations.

Since the late 1970s, Pac has provided innovative, high-quality tubular components and elite customer service. The company originated out of a warehouse in Seattle, WA, where it still has headquarters today. With four offices located in Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Washington State, Pac has developed into a successful multinational company in many different capacities.

Quality products and a commitment to customer satisfaction, are the keys to the company's success. No matter what products customers demand, their needs are met by custom orders and a vast inventory. To ensure fast delivery, the company welcomes customers’ inquiries online and fills their orders swiftly. For decades, Pac Stainless has increased its product lines and improved upon its existing products. As a result, customers have access to just about any kind of stainless-steel tubing imaginable. Coiled tubing, capped tubing, high-pressure system components, alloy tubing, tube fittings, and tube clamps are some products you can order.

Pac also supplies work tools for quick, easy, and precise installation. When a job calls for high-quality stainless-steel tubes, Pac delivers. The brand stands by its guarantee that customer satisfaction and expectations will be met or exceeded with every order, check out their catalog.

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