Pacific Echo Inc. 

Welcome to Pacific Echo Inc., the largest PVC manufacturer of SPIRALITE® brand quality hose and tubing products. SPIRALITE® products have earned industry-wide acclaim as a standard for value and innovation. As a quality benchmark for over 40 years, SPIRALITE® hoses and tubing can be found on a variety of industrial, commercial, recreational, and agricultural job sites.

Spiralite, Spa-Flex, Pond-Flex, and Pac-Flex are all registered trademarks of Pacific Echo, Inc. In the early 1970s, the founder & president of the company recognized a need in the hose market for a quality product that could perform a wide variety of tasks without the high cost of much heavier rubber hoses. By 1979, Pacific Echo had moved into its current Torrance, California facility, and the SPIRALITE® name was established as a benchmark for high-quality and versatile products at an affordable price.

Pacific Echo is proud to offer a full line of high-quality, MADE-IN-THE-USA products. The company is an ISO 9001 Certified Company. The company’s products use only virgin, non-toxic resins; no reground or recycled material is ever used in SPIRALITE® hoses and tubing. They source raw materials directly from the producers to ensure that exacting standards are met. Originally designed for basic water suction and discharge, their in-house team of engineers has developed products for markets as diverse as food processing and dairy, mining and construction, farming and irrigation, recreation, and environmental improvement.

Now in its fifth decade, Pacific Echo continues to look ahead for new opportunities and markets. Whether you value an established track record of success or innovation and forward thinking, Pacific Echo is the business partner for you.






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