Pro-Tec-To Products

Pro-Tec-To Products (formally known as F & R Manufacturing Inc.) are designed for use on land and water. Pro-Tec is primarily known for two products, which are a spiral hose wrap and a spiral hose sleeve. Both are made of strong materials designed to withstand harsh and extreme environmental conditions. They are also made of durable, long-lasting, and quality materials that resist abrasion and premature wear. The spiral wrap is easy to install and doesn’t require removing any hoses. With exceptional longevity, it minimizes downtime and the cost of replacing parts frequently. The hose sleeve, which is just as tough, is another cost-effective industrial hose protection solution for commercial applications.

About Pro-Tec-To

Pro-Tec is located in Pleasant Hill, Oregon. The company’s versatile products are used in construction machinery, oil rigging, concrete work, and more. Pro-Tec works with distributors across North America to deliver products to consumers. Its products are uniquely designed to satisfy consumer demand for durable products. They are also designed to meet US requirements and regulations established by entities like the DEQ and EPA. Along with being carefully made from impervious materials, Pro-Tec’s industrial hose protection products resist corrosion from solvents, oils, gasoline, and other harsh substances.

Pro-Tec’s Products

When you order from Pro-Tec, you can either get a spiral hose sleeve or a spiral hose wrap. The hose sleeve is available in two colors: black and industrial yellow. It covers a hose from end to end but can also be cut to size. The sleeve comes in assorted lengths. However, customers can special-order any size that they want, too. The spiral hose wrap is available in eight colors and many sizes for a precise fit.

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