Super Klean

When cleanliness is a priority – or a necessity – Superklean has the tools you need. The company specializes in industrial cleaning equipment for use in a range of commercial and industrial settings. Water spray nozzles, water mixers, valve stations, strainers, adapters, temperature gauges, hose racks, quick-connect fittings, hose guards, and nozzle parts are the products that customers can buy for industrial cleaning and sanitation needs. Product quality and customer relationships are a top priority for the company, which is ISO-certified and is a proud member of respectable industry associations including FPSA, NAHAD, FISA, and IDFA.

About the Brand

For 20 years, Superklean has lived by (and been driven by) its company motto, “always striving for perfection.” Since it was launched, the company has remained committed to one niche, which is industrial cleaning equipment. Over the years, the company’s customer base has grown significantly. When put to the test against competitors, its products have regularly emerged as the top choice for efficiency, safety, reliability, and ease of use. Along with its user-friendly products, the company also has a responsive customer service department that can help customers find the product they need. An online catalog provides additional information to help consumers make choices.

Popular Products

Today, the company produces and distributes many popular products from its base in California. Some of its most popular items include water mixing stations and single-valve stations, which can be easily incorporated into steam and water mixing stations. Superklean’s nozzle, which is used in plants and factories across North America, is considered to be the industry standard. Industrial nozzles, high-flow and low-flow nozzles, adapters, and fittings are other popular products.

From the food industry to the automotive industry, thousands of customers rely on Superklean’s products for a clean, hygienic, and safe work environment every day.

Super Klean Website

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