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For Wright Tool, “good enough” is not enough. Since the 1920s, the company has been motivated to improving its products even when others take a break. That mentality has since earned it numerous patents and a distinguished product line that includes some of the most indestructible and recognized brand-name hand tools in the world. Of the hand tools it makes, the company is perhaps best known for its Wright wrenches. Since its beginning, the company has also stood by its commitment to deliver authentically American-made tools that are engineered, designed, tested, and used in the United States. Collectively, the company’s tools are intended to last a long time and minimize downtime.

Exceptional Product Performance

As Wright shows, there’s more to a product than meets the eye. This company uses science and engineering talent to create durable products that excel in the areas of performance and precision. In studies, Wright wrenches have 50% more protrusion engagement than other wrenches on the marketplace. Its wrenches are also 80% more durable than what competitors offer. The jaws are stiffer and the wrenches are created with custom protrusions to reduce slippage and maximize strength. The company, which is headquartered in Ohio, offers a warranty on its products to back its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Product Series

Along with wrenches, Wright Tool offers a number of other handy tools that are a valuable addition to the workplace environment. Its other products include drives, ratchets, sockets, and assorted attachments. Although most of the company’s products are manufactured in the US, its Cougar Pro series of hand tools are produced in Taiwan.

Along with science and perseverance, Wright is driven to improve its products through customer feedback. Therefore, its top-notch customer service department is eager to help clients find the tools they need.

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