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extrusion tslots aluminum mfcp

TSLOTS Aluminum Extrusion & Accessories

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Stocked & shipped from Corona, CA, or SLC, UT
Sold in 10ft lengths, 20ft also stocked, Can cut to length
Both Inch & Metric ready for shipment
Ships within 48 hours of order
T-Nuts, fasteners, and accessories are also stocked
Send inquires to cmsauto@comoso.com

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Product Type Hydraulic Motor 173x173 MFCP

Low Speed High Torque Hydraulic Motors

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Parker Certified LSHT Motor Build Center Bakersfield, CA
Significant inventory levels for the Parker LSHT motor series 
Build, test, and ship within 48 hours of order (most configurations) 
Send inquiries to lshtmotor@mfcpinc.com or call 800-955-7310

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NoShok Pressure Gauges are now in our online shop

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