Hydraulic Manifold Design & Manufacturing

 Whether you require a simple header manifold or a fully integrated system, we have the expertise to design and manufacture it for you. 

Custom Hydraulic Manifold Design & Manufacturing

MFCP provides a wide range of hydraulic manifolds, circuit diagrams, and accessories that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our products are crafted with precision and are available in both aluminum and steel materials.  Additionally, we offer functional testing, kitting, and sub-assemblies to ensure the highest quality. Our high flow DIN slip-in style cartridge manifolds and CAD model design layouts further enhance the efficiency and performance of our products. Choose MFCP for top-notch custom hydraulic solutions.

  • Custom design hydraulic
  • Variety of materials and coatings
  • Simple header manifolds to fully integrated systems
  • Functional testing, kitting, and sub-assemblies
  • High Flow DIN slip-in style cartridge manifolds
  • CAD model design layouts

Examples of Hydraulic Manifold Design and As Built

System Hydraulic Manifold 6
System Hydraulic Manifold 5
System Hydraulic Manifold 8
System Hydraulic Manifold 7
System Hydraulic Manifold 9c
System Hydraulic Manifold 9