Large Scale Hydraulic Power Units

Custom Hydraulic Power Units

  • Hydraulic oil, Skydrol, pneumatic, and lube oil units
  • Automated Controls, HMI's, and VFD's available
  • Steel or stainless steel frames and reservoirs
  • Filtration, Fluid Monitoring and Total Cleanliness options
  • Enamel, epoxy, or powder coating available
  • Custom paint colors available
  • CAD model design layouts

Our Process and FAQs

How large of power unit can you manufacture?

MFCP has designed and built HPUs over 1000 HP.

What types of hydraulic fluid can you make them for?

All kinds.  Including:

  • Mineral Oil-Based Fluids (Hydraulic Oils)
  • Water-Glycol Fluids
  • Synthetic Fluids (e.g., polyalphaolefin - PAO, phosphate ester, polyol ester)
  • Biodegradable Fluids (derived from vegetable oils or synthetic esters)
  • Skydrol (a brand of hydraulic fluid specifically designed for aviation applications)

How long has your company been manufacturing hydraulic power units?

Over 30 years.

Do you have the capability to customize hydraulic power units to specific requirements?

Yes.  It is quite common for most HPU to be made specific requirements.

Can you assist with system design and integration of the hydraulic power unit into our existing setup?

Yes.   This is a capability and service we offer.  We have years of experience.

What is the typical lead time for manufacturing and delivering a hydraulic power unit?

Depends on system requirements.  Leadtime for custom HPU's can run 6-24 weeks.

Can you provide a breakdown of the components and brands used in your hydraulic power units?

Yes.  We utilize high-quality, known brands such as Parker Hannifin.

How do I get a quote for a HPU?

Contact our regional system specialists to start the process.

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