Hydraulic Cylinder Repair & Remanufacturing

Our Cylinder Remanufacturing Standard

There are a number of companies who “repair” cylinders, but typically a repair will only consist of replacing original seals and most likely will not even include testing of the repair. Often with No Warranty.

The MFCP “reman” consistently includes the following as the minimum standard:
1 Year Warranty

Disassemble the cylinder, clean, inspect, and document the components' condition.   What we include:
  • We are measuring clearances between the piston and barrel.
  • We are measuring clearances between the piston rod and gland.
  • We are documenting the actual bore size and rod straightness.
Once the cylinder is inspected dimensionally, providing proper standards are met:
  • The seals and internal bearing areas are inspected, reviewed, and documented.
  • Upgrades are then made where possible or applicable.

Submit Your Repair Request

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