Industrial Hydraulic Single Acting Cylinders | BVA

BVA offers the following single acting hydraulic cylinders:

  • H Cylinders: Ideal for lifting and pressing. 2-100 ton.
  • HC Cylinders: Hollow hole cylinders, ideal for pulling and pushing applications.
  • HF Cylinders: Flat body cylinders, ideal for applications with minimal clearance at the lift point.
  • HG Cylinders: High tonnage cylinders, up to 200 ton capacity.
  • HL Cylinders: Low profile cylinders, ideal for use in confined spaces.
  • HLN Cylinders: Lock nut cylinders, ideal for lifting and holding loads.
  • HP Cylinders: Pull cylilnders, ideal for pulling and tensioning applications.
  • HT Cylinders: Threaded cylinders, ideal for frame pulling machines and similar applications.
  • HU Cylinders: Aluminum cylinders, up to 60% lighter than comparable tonnage steel cylinders.

BVA Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders