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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems Diagnostic Tools

Diagnosing a problem before the system failure occurs should be the primary objective of anyone charged with equipment or machinery maintenance. Up-time is what makes money, down-time is what kills productivity.

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Parker's SensoControl family of diagnostic meters and kits is geared toward helping you find problems in hydraulic and pneumatic systems before they cause work stoppage. Our experts can help you select the right diagnostic tools for your system, and even train your mechanics after the purchase.

Parker SensoControl diagnostic meters provide fast and accurate measurements of pressure, flow, temperature, and rotational speed (RPM).

Wireles Sensors for Gas & Liquid Systems | Parker SensoNode

Parker SensoNODE Software At Work To minimize downtime, monitor your equipment for performance issues and identify problems before equipment failure occurs. SensoNODE™ is your first step in advanced system condition monitoring.

SensoNODE™ Mobile is a low cost advanced condition monitoring system that employs Bluetooth® Smart technology for remote monitoring of pressure, humidity, and temperature.

By having immediate access to vital information, maintenance personnel can monitor and evaluate any pressure, temperature or humidity change that may damage components and systems over time, and take preventive measures to avoid system failure and downtime.

Compressed Air System Remote Monitoring | Transair SCOUT

Parker Transair SCOUT Sensor Software Transair SCOUT sensors continuously monitor Transair compressed air systems and provide accurate, timely readings for Flow, Pressure, Power, Temperature, and Humidity remotely. SCOUT allows compressed air system managers to prevent downtime by taking preventive action before component failure occurs.

SCOUT technology places vital diagnostic information at your fingertips with an easy-to-use web interface to track condition changes and analytics. The Transair SCOUT sensors will also send alerts if any unexpected condition changes occur. This allows you to monitor trends and take the necessary steps to optimize your compressed air equipment.



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