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Temptube Preinsulated Tubing


Parflex Temptube Preinsulated tubing is thermally insulated. It has a non-hygroscopic inorganic fiberglass material and it is protected with a flexible black flame-resistant PVC jacket. Parker Temtube is designed to provide an economical and highly efficient method of conveying steam or other hot materials through a plant. It is intended to replace hard piping and field-installed insulation.


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Performance Data

    Parflex standard Temptube is thermally insulated for transfer of fluids or gases up to 400°F (204°C) while maintaining an outer jacket surface temperature of 140°F (60°C), meeting NEC Personnel Protection Code 427.12. Insulated bundles rated up to 1200°F (649°C) are available upon request. Tubing is available in many alloys and sizes, including metric sizes. See "How to Order" for specifying part numbers to meet your application.


    The Temptube products are typically used in steam supply lines, condensate return lines, cooling water lines, lubrication lines, refrigeration lines, and liquid nitrogen lines.


    Type 122 DHP Seamless Copper and 316/316L Welded and Seamless Stainless Steel are standard. Additional materials and wall thicknesses are available upon request. Please contact Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. for material specification of metal tubing.


    Air-spaced, cross wrapped applied non-hygroscopic fiberglass thermal insulation for minimum heat loss. Optional insulation thicknesses are available; such as, 0.36", 0.72" and 0.96" insulation used in Cryogenic, Liquid CO2 and Liquid Nitrogen applications.


    The tough, black, 105°C rated, flame-resistant PVC (FR PVC) jacket protects the tubing against corrosive atmospheres, water, oils, acids, alkalies, and most chemicals. Additional jacket materials are available upon request.


    Each tube in every length of Parker Temptube is pressure tested prior to shipment to assure the instrument engineer a high quality, reliable, trouble-free product.


    Accessories are available for connecting multiple lengths of Temptube bundles and sealing bundle ends.


NOTE: It is absolutely necessary to seal the ends against contamination from moisture and/or corrosive liquids. Parker Hannifin cannot assume any liability for product damage caused by moisture from unsealed ends.

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