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Advanced Piping Systems for Air, Vacuum & Inert Gases | Parker Transair

Transair Piping System for Air, Vacuum, Inert Gas

Transair Piping System

Use for compressed air, vacuum, or inert gases.

Parker Transair is a fast, flexible and easy to modify aluminum pipe system for compressed air applications. Transair is also suitable for vacuum and inert gas applications.

Quick connections eliminate the need to thread or solder pipe. The lightweight aluminum pipe is easy to handle and safe to work with on elevated platforms. Transair offers significant savings on installation, maintenance and operating costs, making it the most cost effective and efficient pipe system for compressed air, vacuum and inert gases.

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Stainless Steel Piping For Industrial Water | Parker/Legris

Transair Water Piping Parker/Legris stainless steel piping system is similar in function to Transair piping for air, but it is optimized for use with industrial water. It is fast, flexible and easy to modify pipe system and offers significant savings on installation of new piping systems.

Parker/Legris stainless steel piping system is also fully reusable. If your plant is moving, it can be disassembled and later re-installed in a new location.

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Mechanical crimp connections for industrial piping | Parker

Parker Mechanical Crimp Connections (MCC) for NPS piping provide leak-free joints by eliminating problems associated with welding, such as weld cracks and contaminants generated by welding.

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 Parker Crimp Fittings for Pipe

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