Mechanical Crimp Connections for Pipe Assemblies | Parker MCC

Parker Mechanical Crimp Connections (MCC) for NPS Piping Save Money

Parker Mechanical Crimp Connection technology saves time and money. It avoids time consuming pipe-to-pipe welding. MCC connections provide leak-free joints by eliminating problems associated with welding, such as weld cracks and contaminants generated by welding.

MCC Part Selection:

ORFS - Parker Seal-Lok

JIC - Parker Triple-Lok

Parker Crimp Fittings for Pipe

How MCC Connection Works:

MCC is a one piece crimp adapter with a specially designed bite ring, and internal elastomeric seals. The bite ring attaches to the pipe during the crimping process and secures the adapter in place. Internal o-rings ensure that the internal fluid pressure is sealed, and protects against the ingression of external contamination. Read more about how MCC works.

MCC’s robust design makes it a perfect choice for offshore applications, oil and gas service, construction, industrial processing and other applications where reliable leak-free piping systems are a necessity.

The MCC steel adapters come standard with Parker Tube Fitting’s proprietary Chrome6 Free plating for maximum protection against corrosion. This helps to reduce any line ruptures from oxidation of iron ore in the piping connections. Parker's superior plating substantially exceeds the SAE requirement of withstanding salt solution for 72 hours with no red rust. (Read more about Parker Chrome6 free plating performance.)

MCC Connection Methods

The Mechanical Crimp Connection is very versatile. Both pipe-to-pipe connections and pipe-to-hose connections can be accomplished with MCC. The end configurations of O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS, Parker Seal-Lok), JIC 37 Degree Flare (Parker Triple-Lok), Pipe-to-Pipe Swivels, and Retaining Ring Flange style code 61/62 can all be utilized with traditional Tube Fitting Division adapters to accomplish 45's, 90's, tees, and cross configurations. Traditional Tube Fitting Division bending equipment can be utilized for the formation of custom angled bends with MCC crimp ends.

MCC Pipe to Pipe

 MCC Pipe-to-Pipe Fitting Connection This connection represents the joining of two pipes by utilizing male to female Seal-Lok (ORFS), Triple-Lok (JIC), or Pipe/Pipe Swivel end connections.


  This connection represents the joining of two pipes by utilizing a Retaining Ring Flange crimp and either an ISO 6162-1 (Code 61) or ISO 6162-2 (Code 62) flange clamp kit.


MCC Pipe to Flexible Hose

 MCC Pipe-to-Hose Flange Connection This connection represents the joining of an MCC pipe assembly with a flexible hose assembly. This connection represents the joining of an MCC pipe assembly to a flexible hose assembly with either ISO 6162-1 (Code 61) or ISO 6162-2 (Code 62) flange clamps. Simply add an AO adapter to connect the bonded seal to the o-ring face of the hose end. Longer bolts will need to be used in this case.


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