Parker Precision Pneumatic Input Signal Amplifiers | P3BA208 Series

The P3BA208 Precision Pneumatic Input Signal Amplifier is a pneumatic device capable of high flow and exhaust capacity. The device uses a force balance system to control the movement of the supply and exhaust valves.


  • 1/4" ports (NPT, BSPP)
  • Pneumatic input signal for accurately controlling output pressure based on a predetermined ratio
  • Balanced supply valve minimizes the effects of supply pressure variation
  • Optional adjustable by-pass valve (1:1 ratio only) allows tuning for optimum dynamic response
  • Optional fixed negative bias allows operation with pneumatic devices that cannot be adjusted to zero input pressure

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Part Numbers

Part Number*  Description

Port Size


Height (E)

mm (in)

Width (A)

mm (in)


1:1 pilot ratio

1/4" 45 (w/ 100 psig supply)
98.3 (3.88) 76.2 (3.00)

1:2 pilot ratio

1/4" 45 (w/ 100 psig supply) 98.3 (3.88) 76.2 (3.00)

1:3 pilot ratio

1/4" 45 (w/ 100 psig supply) 98.3 (3.88) 76.2 (3.00)

*For BSPP ports, add an "H" to the end of the part number. For tapped exhaust option, add an "E" to the end of the part number. For by-pass valve, add "I" to the end of the part number.


Service Kits and Accessories

Part Number Description
PS19513-11 Service kit - 1:1 ratio
PS19513-11I Service kit - 1:1 ratio with bypass valve
PS19513-12 Service kit - 1:2 ratio
PS19513-13 Service kit - 1:3 ratio
PS09921 Mounting bracket kit

Technical Specifications


Flow Capacity: 45 scfm (w/ 100 psig supply)
Maximum Supply Pressure: 250 psig (17 bar)
Maximum Output Pressure: 150 psig (10 bar)

.250" water column - 1:1 ratio

.500" water column - 1:2 ratio

.750" water column - 1:3 ratio

Ambient Temperature: -40°F to 200°F
Port Size: 1/4" (NPT, BSPP)

Warning Triangle WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals including lead and/or DEHP and/or carbon black, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to