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Bleed Screws

 Brakequip - Bleed Screws
Brakequip - Bleed Screws
These popular bleed screws make replacement easy.


1. Heavy duty hex allows for good gripping

2. Zinc plated for corrosion resistance

3. Imperial & Metric Threads


BQ4433 3/8' x 24NF 20mm 5mm 10mm
BQ4434 M10 x 1 23mm 6mm 10mm
BQ4435 M10 x 1 19mm 6mm 10mm
BQ4438 5/16' x 24NF 17.5mm 5mm 5/16'
BQ4439 1/4' x 28NF 15mm 5mm 1/4'
BQ4440 M10 x 1.5 18mm 5mm 10mm
BQ4441 M7 x 1 22mm 5mm 1/4'
BQ4442 M8 x 1.25 22mm 5mm 8mm
BQ4443 M8 x 1 18mm 5mm 8mm
BQ4444 7/16' x 24NS 24mm 5mm 7/16'
BQ4445 7/16' x 20NF 21mm 5mm 7/16'
BQ4446 M10 x 1.25 21mm 5mm 10mm



Bulkhead Nuts

 Brakequip - Bulkhead Nuts
Brakequip - Bulkhead Nuts
The biggest range of brake hose bulkhead nuts in the country.


1. Zinc plated for corrosion resistance

2. Imperial & Metric Threads

3. Heavy duty construction


BQ13 5/8' x 18NF 15/16' 8mm
BQ75 7/8' x 14NF 1-1/8' 8mm
BQ77 11/16' x 16NF 1' 8mm
BQ78 3/8' x 24NF 1/2' 5mm
BQ79 M10 x 1 13mm 5mm
BQ80 7/16' x 20NF 5/8' 6mm
BQ81 M12 x 1 19mm 6mm
BQ82 M12 x 1.5 19mm 6mm
BQ83 1/2' x 20NF 3/4' 6mm
BQ84 3/4' x 16NF 1-1/16' 8mm
BQ85 M20 x 1.5 27mm 8mm
BQ86 M18 x 1.5 25mm 8mm
BQ87 M16 x 1.5 22mm 7mm
BQ88 M14 x 1.5 19mm 6mm
BQ89 7/8' x 18NS 1-1/8' 8mm



Copper Washers

 Brakequip - Copper Washer
Brakequip - Copper Washer
Heavy duty copper washers for maximum sealing power. The legal & professional way to seal high pressure hydraulic braking systems.


1. Sizes to fit all banjo bolts

2. Reduced outer diameter for less interference


BQ813 8mm 8.1 13 1.3
BQ3858 3/8" 9.6 15.60 1.5
BQ1016 10mm 10.1 16.00 1.5
BQ1118 7/16" 11.2 18.00 1.5
BQ1218 12mm 12.1 18.00 1.5
BQ1320 1/2" 12.8 20.00 2.0
BQ1421 9/16" 14.3 22.00 2.0
BQ1522 15mm 15.1 22.00 2.0
BQ1624 16mm 16.1 24.00 2.0



Brake Hose Retaining Clip

 Brakequip - Retaining Clip Universal clip design secures most brake hoses to mounting surfaces.



Universal Mounting Bracket

 Brakequip - Mounting Bracket Universal hole size allows most brake hoses to be securely mounted. Brackets can be screwed on, riveted, or welded to frame. It has a rounded finish for a professional look.



Copper Seat Sealer

 Brakequip - Copper Seat Sealer This is the ideal solution for sealing damaged seats. It is suitable for all 3/8" and 10mm female fitting seats.



Brake Tube Protector

 Brakequip - Brake Tube Protector No rust Stainless Steel Spring protects your brake tube from gravel & debris.


1. Easy to install

2. Just cut to length

3. Available in sizes 3/16" & 1/4" ID in 3 feet lengths

4. It can be polished to shine

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