Accessories for Parker SensoControl Diagnostic Meters

Parker SensoControl logo  All Parker SensoControl hand-held diagnostic meters are equipped with the same 5-pin push-pull style connector ports. This allows analog accessories such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, flow meters, tachometers and cables to be compatible with the Serviceman Plus, the Service Master Easy, and the Service Master Plus meters.

Parker SensoControl Temperature Meter


Parker SensoControl Temperature Sensor

For SensoControl Serviceman and Service Master Easy
Use with Parker flow sensors or SCTA-1/4 port adapter.
Part Number: SCT-150-04-02
Accuracy: + 1.5% FS
Temperature Range: -13°F to +257°F

Parker SensoControl Voltage Adapter


SensoControl Voltage Adapter

For SensoControl Service Master Easy, to connect auxiliary sensors
Part Number: SCMA-VADC-600
Input: 0 - 4 A, 0 - 48 V (DC)
Accuracy: 0.25% FS

Parker SensoControl SCRPM Tachometer


SensoControl Tachometer

For SensoControl Serviceman and Service Master Easy
Displays a precision measurement of rotational speed.
5-pin push/pull style connector.
Part Number: SCRPM-220
Measuring Range: 20 - 10,000 RPM
Measuring Distance: 0.1 - 19.5 in
Accuracy: 0.5% FS
Excitation Voltage: 7 - 9 V (DC)
Output Signal: 0 - 3 V (DC)
Resolution: 5 RPM

Parker SensoControl 5-Pin to 5-Pin Cables


SensoControl 5-Pin Cables

Use with SensoControl Serviceman and Service Master Easy.
Flow sensor, transducer, and temperature probe cables.
Part Number: SCK-102-03-02
Length: 10 ft
Part Number: SCK-102-05-12
Length: 16.4 ft

Parker SensoWin Software


Parker SensoWIN Software

For data transfer from SensoControl Service Master Easy or Service Master Plus to a PC.
SensoWIN software is included with purchase of Service Master meters and is not sold separately.
It can be downloaded directly from Parker for free.
SensoWIN software runs on Microsoft Windows 98 and later Windows operating systems.

Data Cable to use to transfer the data from Service Master meters to a PC - Part Number: SCSW-KIT-152

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