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Parker SensoControl Industrial Sensor Cables Plugs SensoControl Cables and Plugs are designed in accordance with the requirements of industrial sensors and controllers. M12 cables and plugs are shielded to protect against interference and have a five pin configuration. Five pin cables are suitable for both four and five pin connections. The five pin cables are fully compatible with sensor variants having a four pin plug.

 SensoControl Industrial Sensor Cable & Plugs Compatibilities & Features

Compatible with:

  • SensoControl Sensors
  • SensoControl Controllers
  • Others


  • One cable for many requirements
  • Interference resistant
  • Compact
  • Plug end options

 SensoControl Industrial Sensor SCK Connecting Cables (open end)

Part Number Cable Length (m) Plug-in Connector
SCK-400-02-45 6.5 ft (2m) M12 socket, straight
SCK-400-02-55 6.5 ft (2m) M12 socket, 90°
SCK-400-05-45 16 ft (5m) M12 socket, straight
SCK-400-05-55 16 ft (5m) M12 socket, 90°
SCK-400-10-45 32.5 ft (10m) M12 socket, straight
SCK-400-10-55 32.5 ft (10m) M12 socket, 90°
Parker SCK 400 XX 45
Parker SCK 400 XX 55
Pin Specs For SCK Connecting Plugs

 SensoControl Industrial Sensor SCK Seperate Plugs

Part Number Plug-in Connector
SCK-145 M12 socket, straight
SCK-155 M12 socket, 90°
SCK-006 DIN EN 175301-803 form A
Parker SCK 145 Pin Specs For SCK Separate Plugs
Parker SCK 155  
Parker SCK 006 Pin Specs For SCK Separate Plugs


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