Parker Komatsu Style Adapters | Parker KA Fittings

Parker Flange Clamps Parker 30° flare, metric thread adapters, also known as the Komatsu style flare fittings, are one of the most common specialized OEM mobile equipment fittings in the marketplace. Parker offers a line of caps, plugs and conversion adapters to mate with these specialty connections. Parker’s line of products is designated as “KA” adapters.

The Komatsu style connection is generally rated at 4000 psi (280 kg/cm2 or 27.5 Mpa). Parker’s caps, plugs and conversion adapters are rated at the full pressure rating in sizes 4-16, with slight pressure reductions in the less common sizes of -20 and -24.



Parker’s offering of Komatsu style adapters allow for more aftermarket flexibility. Parker’s caps and plugs enable technicians to protect critical sealing surfaces of hoses and adapters from damage and contamination. This protection is important during testing, repair and/or installation and removal.

Parker’s line of Komatsu style conversion adapters are ideal for emergency situations, field repair, or “plumbing in” hydraulic attachments and options. Parker’s exclusive swivel nut design minimizes the sealing surface damage to mating components.

Design & Construction

Parker’s line of Komatsu style fitting is sold only as a hose adapter; tube nuts and sleeves are not available. The adapter consists of a single body. The mating hose swivel mates directly to the 30° nose of the adapter. This simple, metal-to-metal connection provides a very effective seal between the fitting nose, and the hose swivel seat.

The Komatsu style adapter offers traditional advantages of the 37° flare fitting, but incorporates the following differences:

  • 30° nose flare
  • Metric threads with 1.5 mm pitch
  • Used only as a hose adapter
  • Heavy duty crimp nut for higher assembly torques