Bleed Screws for Automotive Brake and Clutch Applications | BrakeQuip

Quality BrakeQuip bleed screws make replacement easy. All BrakeQuip products are backed by BrakeQuip Warranty.


  • Imperial & Metric Threads
  • Take off points are universal JIC ends
  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance
  • Assortment kits available - see Part #BQ7010
  • Don't forget bleeder caps - available as Small (#BQ315) or Large (#BQ316)


Bleed Screw - BrakeQuip  BrakeQuip Bleed Screw Drawing 


Part # Thread Dim A Dim B Dim C
BQ4434 M10 x 1 23mm 6mm 10mm
BQ4435 M10 x 1 19mm 6mm 10mm
BQ4438 5/16' x 24NF 17.5mm 5mm 5/16'
BQ4439 1/4' x 28NF 15mm 5mm 1/4'
BQ4440 M10 x 1.5 18mm 5mm 10mm
BQ4441 M7 x 1 22mm 5mm 1/4'
BQ4442 M8 x 1.25 22mm 5mm 8mm
BQ4443 M8 x 1 18mm 5mm 8mm
BQ4444 7/16' x 24NS 24mm 5mm 7/16'
BQ4445 7/16' x 20NF 21mm 5mm 7/16'
BQ4446 M10 x 1.25 21mm 5mm 10mm



Bleed Screw Repair Kit

 Brakequip - Bleed Screw Repair Kit This repair kit will rescue your brake component that has stripped or broken bleed screws. Simply drill and tap to 1/8" x 27NPT thread. It works for all metals.


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