Parker 26 Series Refrigerant Tube Mender Crimp Fittings

Use with the following Parker Hose Series:

201, 206, 213, 221FR, 225, 244, 266, 285, 293, and SS23CG.


Parker 26 series fittings (hose ends) are engineered to work with select Parker transportation and refrigerant (AC) hoses. These hoses’ inside diameters (ID) are sized smaller than a typical hydraulic hose. The dash sizes of these hoses refer to a nominal hose ID size and not the actual size. For example, -4 size would normally designate a 1/4” ID but in this case, the actual ID is 3/16”.

Because fittings are sized to fit the hose ID, the 26 series fitting sizes for the hose end of the fitting are not the actual measurements but nominal size – just like the hose they are designed to work with. For example, 10126-2-4 fitting is 1/8” on the pipe thread end and 3/16” (nominal -4 size) on the hose end.

Confusing? Just remember to match the dash size of the fitting to the dash size of the hose.  Refer to our technical pages for more information on correct hose assembly selection and fabrication.


Parker 1T126 Crimp Fitting

Male Refrigerant Tube Mender (with Nut and Ferrule)

Parker 26 series 1T126 crimp fitting

For available sizes, refer to the table below. 


Thread Hose I.D. A H B
in in in mm in in mm
1T126-6-6 3/8 5/8x18 5/16 1.96 50 11/16 1.10 28
1T126-8-8 1/2 3/4x16 13/32 2.07 53 13/16 1.21 31
1T126-10-10 5/8 7/8x14 1/2 2.28 58 15/16 1.33 34
1T126-10-12 5/8 7/8x14 5/8 2.27 58 15/16 1.33 34
1T126-12-12 3/4 1-16x14 5/8 2.33 59 1-1/8 1.39 35



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