Parker HF Series Pneumatic Couplings | General Purpose - Push-to-Connect

Parker HF Series Pneumatic QC

Parker HF Series couplings are a slimmer alternative to traditional industrial interchange couplers. HF series has the the quality and durability of a 20 Series coupler, and is combined with a slim profile and push-to-connect design.

HF Series couplers feature sleeve guards to protect against accidental disconnection. Standard coupelrs feature solid brass construction, high flow valving, corrosion resistant valves, and stainless steel locking balls and valve spring.

HF Couplers accept industrial interchange nipples.

Standard seals are Nitrile. Optional materials are available - contact us with questions.


HF Series QC Dimensions & Specifications:

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Sleeve type couplings, such as Parker HF Series, are widely used to connect air lines. Parker HF Series Couplings can also be used with low pressure fluids.

HF Series couplings mate with industrial interchange design nipples. HF series is a push-to-connect design which permits one-handed connection when the coupler half is rigidly mounted.

The benefits of the HF Series couplings to the end user are increased tool efficiency, and decreased air costs.

Common applications: compressed air, water, grease, paint, limited vacuum and limited gases.

Parker HF Series Couplings Specifications & Performance


Body Size (in.) 1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2
Rated Pressure (psi) 250 300 300 300
Temperature Range (Std. seals) -40° to +250°F
Locking Device 5 balls 4 balls 6 balls 8 balls
Vacuum Data (inches Hg) Disconnected (coupler only) Connected
Not Recommended
- 27.4 27.4 27.4


Parker HF Series QC Pressure Drop Chart


Orders & Quotes



When ordering quick couplers, consider the following:

  • Functional requirements of the coupling
  • Maximum working pressure of the application
  • Coupler seal & body material compatibility with the system’s fluid
  • Is the application static or dynamic?
  • Size of coupler & hose
  • Maximum allowable pressure drop
  • Requirement to connect & disconnect under pressure
  • Media temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • End configuration requirements
  • Need for industrial interchange QC
  • Effects of air inclusion & fluid loss