Parker RF Series Pneumatic Couplings | General Purpose - Push-to-Connect

Parker RF Series Pneumatic QC

Parker RF Series couplings are an aerodynamic valve design with a wide range of port options available.

Flow area of the RF Series nipple is up to 2 1/2 times larger than industrial interchange nipples. Flow rates on 1/4" are greater than many 3/8" body size couplers. Flow rates on 3/8" are greater than 1/2" body size couplers.

RF Series coupler sleeves are nickel-plated steel and coupler bodies are solid brass construction for excellent corrosion resistance. Standard RF nipples are manufactured from solid steel bar stock, which are case hardened and Chromium-6 Free plated.

Rf Series interchanges with a common high-flow European interface.

Standard seals are nitrile. Optional materials are available - contact us with questions.


RF Series QC Dimensions & Specifications:

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Sleeve type couplings, such as Parker RF Series, are widely used to connect air lines. Parker RF Series Couplings can also be used with low pressure fluids.

RF Series has been designed to increase the flow-through, and reduce the pressure-drop over the coupling. This, along with a specially designed coupler valve, allow tremendous flow through a coupling with an envelope size of current couplings.

The benefits of the RF Series couplings to the end user are increased tool efficiency, and decreased air costs.

Common applications: compressed air, water, grease, paint, limited vacuum and limited gases.

Parker RF Series Couplings Specifications & Performance


Body Size (in.) 1/4 3/8
Rated Pressure (psi) 300 300
Temperature Range (std seals) -40° to +250°F -40° to +250°F
Locking Device 4 balls 8 balls
Vacuum Data (inches Hg) Disconnected (coupler only) Connected Not Recommended
Not Recommended
Not Recommended
Not Recommended


Parker RF Series QC Pressure Drop Chart