Parker E-z-Mate Series Pneumatic Couplings | Special Purpose - Exhaust Steel

Parker E-z-Mate Series Pneumatic QC

Parker E-z-mate is an exhaust type couler that is designed to exhaust air pressure prior to the disconnection process.

The valve sleeve of the E-z-mate Series acts as an integral shut-off valve that allows connection and disconnection at zero pressure. When the sleeve is moved to shut off air flow, it automatically vents downstream allowing for disconnection at zero pressure and eliminating the risk of "hose whip".

E-z-mate Series meets ISO 4414 requirements for a controlled pressure release system.

The E-z-mate Series has a built in sleeve-lok that mechanically locks the valve sleeve to help prevent accidental disconnects.

E-z-mate Series couplers use industrial interchange nipples.

Optional materials are available - contact us with questions.


E-z-mate Series QC Dimensions & Specifications:

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Parker E-z-mate has a proven ball locking mechanism that evenly distributes load to resist weat and provide positive connections. The ball locking mechanism also provides accurate alignment and allows a swiveling action to reduce hose torque.The E-z-mate O-ring interface seal assures "bubble tight" seal and long service life.

Parker E-z-mate couplings combine push-to-connect, exhaust-style action with a self-locking valve sleeve to guard against accidental disconnection. Simply follow the direction of the On-Off arrow stamped on the valve sleeve. It's that easy.

Parker E-z-mate Industrial Interchange Series Couplings Specifications & Performance


Body Size (in.) 1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4
Rated Pressure (PSI) 300 300 300 300
Temperature Range (std seals) -40° to +250° F.
Locking Device 4 balls 4 balls 6 balls 8 balls
Force required to Connect (lbs) Less than 10
Vacuum Service Not recommended




Parker HF Series QC Pressure Drop Chart