Metric Bite Type Shut-Off Valve Fittings | Parker EO

Parker EO: Flareless Fittings for metric tubing EO fittings are a great choice for leak free connections under various service conditions ranging from sealing high vacuum and small molecule gases, to high-pressure hydraulic fluids.

EO fittings’ compact design makes them ideal for plumbing applications in limited or tight space.

EO fittings are suitable for applications in subzero as well as elevated temperatures. The exact service temperature rating is determined by the choice of fitting material, and since EO fittings can be manufactured from a wide range of metals, it's compatibility with various fluids, temperatures, and atmospheric conditions is virtually limitless.


Low Pressures

Part Number:  DV
Manufacturer: Parker


Medium Pressures

Part Number:  LD
Manufacturer: Parker


High Pressures

Part Number:  VDHA
Manufacturer: Parker


High Pressure Panel Mounts

Part Number:  VDHB
Manufacturer: Parker



Tube Fittings

24° Flareless | Parker EO

The EO fittings are the most widely used bite type fittings in the world.

The EO progressive ring fitting is a flareless fitting for metric tubing that consists of a body, a progressive ring (ferrule) and a nut. On assembly, two cutting edges of the progressive ring “bite” into the outer surface of the tube ensuring the necessary holding power and seal for high operating pressures.


The EO Body. EO fitting bodies are available in over thirty configurations. The shaped products (i.e., elbows, tees, crosses) are hot forged, then machined to the stringent EO fitting specifications. The forging process used by Parker further improves the strength and metallurgical properties of the fitting material.