Parker EO-3 Metric Flareless Tube Fittings

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Factors like fluctuating or inexperienced personnel, a shortage of skilled workers and increasingly difficult installation conditions can lead to failed assemblies and costly downtime as well as increased safety risks. Parker EO-3 fittings address customers' desire for simplified fitting technology. Utilizing visual status recognition, it speeds assembly and improves accuracy.

Parker's EO-3 metric flareless tube fittings feature a visual indicator system to ensure correct assembly and prevent over-tightening. Relying on assembly "by feel" leaves too much room for user errors that often are not discovered until late in the assembly inspection process. With EO-3 tube fittings, the assembly status is always clear with the yellow window that is integrated into the fitting connection ring. The user is in control and can achieve a high-precision, high-quality connection every time.

How it Works | 2-minute video



Image of EO3 Indicator Ring Contours Image of EO3 Handtight Fitting Image of EO3 Yellow Indicator Window Image of EO3 Fitting Overtightening
Contours in the indicator ring for drag ring function EO-3 fitting assembled hand-tight

Yellow window completely visible after final assembly During over-tightening, the yellow window remains in place through the drag ring effect

EO-3 Metric Flareless Fittings Special Features

EO-3 flareless tube fittings are revolutionary in more ways than just their visual indicator window. Many other unique technologies make EO-3 the clear choice for reliable assembly connections and superior machine performance.

Image of EO3 Taper Thread Image of EO3 Tearout-Proof Connector Image of EO3 Sealing Ring Image of EO3 Octagonal Nut
Taper thread as standard for safer, more rapid assembly
Tearout-proof connector technology for optimum safety

Integrated elastomer soft seal prevents loss or damage to sealing ring
Octagonal nut for tube size 25 mm and up provides easy access in restricted spaces


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