Flareless Swivel Fittings for Metric Tubing | Parker EO-3

Parker EO-3 Fitting System

EO-3 is an innovative Parker flareless fitting for metric tubing similar to the EO and EO-2 series. The EO3 flareless fitting system utilizes a visual indicator to prevent leakage due to inadequate or over-tightening, allowing the user more control to make high-quality, fast connections.

EO-3 metric tube fittings are constructed with a new mechanical tapered thread and tube design to eliminate blow-out equipment failures. The steel fittings feature a compact design, octagonal nut, integrated soft-sealing cone ring and elastomer seal for leak free connections. EO3 can also be connected to EO2 fittings using an adapter.

EO3 Tube Fittings Features:

  • Pressure Rating: Up to 6,000 psi for all tube sizes
  • Fitting Material: Steel with chromium 6 free plating
  • Tube Material: Conventional hydraulic steel, e.g. E235 (ST37) or E355 (ST52.4) standard to DIN EN 10305
  • Elastomer material: NBR
  • Temperature Resistance: -40° to 248°F (-40°C to 120°C)

EO-3 Flareless Tube Fittings Assembly Instructions

Available Configurations | Parker EO-3 Swivel Fittings

 Parker EW EO3 Swivel Elbow

Swivel Elbow


 Parker ET EO3 Swivel Branch Tee

Swivel Branch Tee


 Parker EL EO3 Swivel Run Tee

Swivel Run Tee


 Parker RED EO3 Swivel Tube End Reducer

Swivel Tube End Reducer


 Parker GZ EO3 Swivel Union

Swivel Union




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