Bite Type Tube Fittings: Nuts, Ferrules & Locknuts | Parker Ferulok

All Parker Ferulok flareless fittings conform to SAE J514 specs. Parker bite type fittings for metric applications, EO & EO-2, conform to ISO 8434-1 standards. Some Ferulok fittings conform to the requirements of specification sheets MS518XX under MIL-F-18866, and others do not. Contact Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. for conformance details.

Ferulok bite type flareless fittings are available in steel and stainless steel and can be furnished in other materials by Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. on request.

A bite type fitting is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a compression fitting. Compression fittings are designed for use with soft tubing and are not interchangable with bite type fittings!

The Ferulok bite type fitting is a flareless fitting that consists of a body, a one-piece precision machined ferrule, and a nut. On assembly, the ferrule “bites” into the outer surface of the tube with sufficient strength to hold the tube against pressure, without significant distortion of the inside tube diameter. The ferrule also forms a pressure seal against the fitting body.








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