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Parker's Dual Seal Flange Adapter product line provides a solution for high vibration, high shock hydraulic four bolt connection styles used in various applications. This Parker innovation is offered as an alternative to tradition ISO 6121 (SAE 6518) Code 62 Flange connections providing improved port retention, increased sealing capacity and elimination of costly field replacement due to failure. Dual Seal Flange Adapters  incorporate both radial and face seal technologies, reducing the potential for system leakage and ingression of air or water caused by side loading of traditional flange face seal connections.

Dual Seal Flange adapters have a system working pressure rating of 7500 PSI with a 4:1 design factor. The face seal system incorporates Parker's Captive O-Ring Groove technology to prevent O-ring fall out during installation, minimizing connection failures seen with traditional flange connections.


Dual Seal Straight Flanges | Product Selection


XHQ4O Dual Seal 37° Flare Flange Connector


LOHQ4O Dual Seal ORFS Flange Connector


FHQ4O Dual Seal Male NPTF Flange Connector


GHQ4O Dual Seal Female NPTF Flange Connector


F5OHQ4O Dual Seal Male SAE-ORB Flange Connector


G5HQ4O Dual Seal Female SAE-ORB Flange Connector


W7HQ4O Dual Seal Socket Weld Pipe Flange Connector


PQ4O Dual Seal Plug Flange Connector


Q4 Dual Seal Flange Insert



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