Hydraulic Flange Clamps | Parker

Parker Flange Clamps Flange clamps are used for providing the holding power to the 4-bolt flange connection. Parker flange clamps are offered split or captive (one-piece). The captive flange clamps are offered with either drilled or tapped bolt holes. The captive flange clamps with tapped holes are used to connect tubes and/or hoses together.

Parker flange clamps are forged for higher strength and durability. They meet all requirements of SAE J518. The split clamps make it easy to assemble the connection in close quarters. They also make removal of the flange head component (such as a hose assembly) easy by loosening all four bolts and removing only one clamp half.

The main advantage of flange connections over threaded port connections is lower assembly torque and ease of installation in constricted spaces. Large threaded port connections (such as SAE straight thread) require very high torque to assemble. This makes assembly difficult, especially where wrench clearance is limited. Flange connections solve this problem by dividing the hydraulic load among four bolts each requiring much less torque, smaller wrenches and smaller wrench clearance.

Both captive and split flange clamps are available from Hose & Fittings, Etc.


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