Bite Type Tube Fittings: 45° Elbows | Parker Intru-Lok

The Parker Intru-Lok bite type flareless fitting's robust construction and proven sealing characteristics have gained it worldwide popularity in diverse industries and applications where a strong, flareless fitting is needed. The design assures a safe, leak-free and vibration resistant connection compared to compression fittings.

The Intru-Lok bite type fitting consists of three parts: a body, a one-piece precision machined ferrule, and a nut. On assembly, the ferrule “bites” into the outer surface of the tube with sufficient strength to hold the tube against pressure, without significant distortion of the inside tube diameter. The ferrule also forms a pressure seal against the fitting body.

Parker Intru-Lok fittings allow the fitting assembler to visually inspect the bite quality, thus significantly minimizing the risk of improper assembly and related service problems.


45° Male Elbow


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