Parker Pipe Fittings | Tees

This Section contains adapters with thread types including NPT, NPTF, BSPT, BSPP, SAE UN/UNF, and Metric. All the threads in this section are made to industry specifications with conformance shown in table on the right.
Thread Standard


ANSI B1.20.1, FED-STD-H28/7


SAE J476, ANSI B1.20.3, FED-STD-H28/8


BS 21, ISO 7/1


BS 2779, ISO 228/1


ISO 261, ANSI B1.13M, FED-STD-H28/21


ANSI B1.1, FED-STD-H28/2

*Class 2A or 2B

Parker Pipe Tee Configurations

Straight Thread Branch Tee

Straight Thread Branch Tees

Part Number:  G5G5JAO
Manufacturer: Parker

Straight Thread Run Tee

Straight Thread Run Tees

Part Number:  AOG5JG5
Manufacturer: Parker

Female Straight Thread Tee

Female Straight Thread Tees

Part Number:  G5G5JG5
Manufacturer: Parker

Male Pipe Tee

Male Pipe Tees

Part Number:  RRS
Manufacturer: Parker

Male Branch Tee

Male Branch Tees

Part Number:  MMS
Manufacturer: Parker

Male Run Tee

Male Run Tees

Part Number:  MRO
Manufacturer: Parker

Female Pipe Tee

Female Pipe Tees

Part Number:  MMO
Manufacturer: Parker

Female BSPP Tee

Female BSPP Tees

Part Number:  MMO444M
Manufacturer: Parker