Spring Hose Guard & Armor Hose Guard | Extends Hose Life | Parker

Parker’s Spring Guard and Armor Guard are two products that prolong the life of hose lines that are exposed to rugged operating conditions.

parker hose spring guard

Spring Guard

 parker hose armor guard

Armor Guard

Armor Guard is no longer offered by the manufacturer. Please use PolyGuard instead.

Spring Hose Guard & Armor Hose Guard Specifications & Features

Spring Hose Guard & Armor Hose Guard Features


  • Both are packaged in 10 ft. pieces
  • Protection from hose abrasion and deep cuts

Spring Hose Guard & Armor Hose Guard Specifications

As of August 2021, Armor Guard is no longer offered by Parker. Please use PolyGuard instead.

  • Distribute bending radii to avoid kinking in the hose lines 
  • Guards are constructed of steel wire and plated to resist rust

Spring Hose Guard & Armor Hose Guard Sizing Information

As of August 2021, Armor Guard is no longer offered by Parker. Please use PolyGuard instead.





 SG-050 AG-050 0.50
SG-060 AG-060 0.60
SG-066 AG-066 0.66
SG-072 AGT-072 0.72
SG-084 AG-084 0.84
SG-097 AG-097 0.97
SG-106 AG-106 1.06
SG-113 AG-113 1.13
SG-122 AG-122 1.22
 SG-131 AG-131 1.31
 SG-155 AG-155 1.55
 SG-166 AG-166 1.66
 SG-182 AG-182 1.82
 SG-209 AG-209 2.09
 SG-220 AG-220 2.22
 SG-232 AG-232 2.32
 SG-292 - 2.92


Available Hose Protection Products

  • Partek DefenseProvides protection to personnel and equipment in the event of a hose burst. Valuable in industries such as mining, agriculture, and construction. Contains hose bursts up to 12,000 PSI.
  • Partek Wrap |  Provides protection against abrasion and allows you to wrap mulitple hoses. Enables hose sleeve to be installed after the hose assemblies have been secured in place.
  • Partek Sleeve | Provides protection against abrasion in two ways per the  ISO 6945 specification: "AS" is strong enough to withstand greater than 200,000 abrasion cycles and "PS" can withstand greater than 50,000 abrasion cycles. 
  • PolyGuardProvides protection against rugged operating conditions and abrasions. Made from black heavy-duty polyethylene shield for resistance against water, gasoline, hydraulic fluid and most solvents.
  • ParKoilProvides protection against hose kink and abrasion for applications that call for a tighter bend radius. Economical alternative with easy installation.
  • Spring Guard & Armor Guard | Provides protection against rugged operating conditions by distributing the bend radii to avoid kinking of the hose and abrasions. Constructed of steel and plated to resist rust.
  • Polyguard Strain RelieverProvides protection against kinking of the hose. Made from flexible PVC for easy installation.
  • FiresleeveProvides protection against extreme temperature conditions. Easily slides over hoses and readily expands over fittings.
  • Protection ShieldsProvides protection against abrasion from metal, concrete and other hoses. Resistant to oil, lubricants, gasoline and most solvents.
SELECTION GUIDE: Protective Hose Coils, Hose Sleeves & Hose Guard | Select any of your hose accessories according to your Parker hose series and size.


How to Order


Hose and hose fittings series must be correctly matched. Using any fittings other than those specifically designated by the hose manufacturer for use with each specific hose can lead to hose assembly failure. Hose assembly failures have lead to damage, injury and death.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and/or DEHP and/or carbon black, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov