563LT | Parker Parflex Thermoplastic Hose

Designed to withstand the strains of demanding use, the Parker 563LT (TOUGHJACKET™) hose is the optimal solution in low temperature environments, such as material handling applications, forestry or construction equipment. 563LT is a compact, lightweight 3,000 psi hose rated in temperatures as low as -70F (-57C). The hose is designed to have a very low length change under pressure, making it an ideal solution for boom or cable track applications where long lengths are required.


The 563LT TOUGHJACKET™ hose is available in twin-line and multi-line bonded configurations. These problem-solving assemblies simplify the installation process, allow for smooth operations, and improve the overall strength and stability of the hose to eliminate many of the problems that lead to hose failure. With a resilient, superior abrasion resistant copolyester cover and a 3,000 psi constant working pressure, this TOUGHJACKET™ solution has the ability to transform and enhance current systems.


Parker's TOUGHJACKET™ hose covers are designed with a material that exceeds the abrasion resistance of comparable hoses by more than 100%. These rugged polyurethane hose covers also feature a low length change under pressure (+/- 2%).

563LT Hose Features




  • 3,000 psi constant working pressure
  • Consistent long lengths
  • Low length change under pressure
  • 23% to 42% lighter weight than rubber 100R17 hose
  • Smaller O.D. than rubber 100R17 hose for easier routing
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Superior bend radius
  • Multi-line bonded assemblies available


  • Medium pressure hydraulic applications
  • Over-the=sheave and boom hose application


  • Meets/exceeds SAE 100R17

563TJ Hose Sizes and Specifications


Part Number





Maximum O.D.


Maximum Working Pressure


Min Bend Radius




Permanent Fittings Series

part no.

nominal id

max od

max press

bend radius




  inch mm inch mm psi MPa inch mm lbs./ft. kg./mtr.  
563LT-6 3/8 10.0 0.64 16.3 3,045 21.0 2.00 51 .19 .29 56
563LT-8 1/2 12.5 0.77 19.5 3,045 21.0 2.75 70 .24 .36 56
563LT-10 5/8 16.0 0.97 24.6 3,045 21.0 3.50 88 .47 .60 43


Note: Parker's Parflex division has announced a new resin approved for use in the manufacturing of their Hybrid 2.0 and TOUGHJACKET™ hose. The addition of this new copolyester inner tube material will allow Parker to insure a stable supply of product for customers. Hoses that are made with this material will meet the same specifications that can be found in the current 4660 catalog and will not change in form or function. This change will begin in November 2017 and is expected to be fully implemented in 2018.


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