Composite Industrial Hoses | Parker | Bottom Loading Hose | 4500 Series

Series 4500 Composite Bottom Loading Petroleum Suction Hose provides excellent service across a variety of petroleum media in medium pressure applications. The hose is lighter weight, more flexible and significantly easier to bend, install and handle than conventional rubber hoses. The hose provides full suction capability, resists crushing and kinking and absorbs vibration, keeping the hose securely in place. The distinctive blue cover is easily identified and the hose is qualified with permanent crimp couplings for a safe and secure connection.

NOTE: Not for dry material service.


INNER WIRE Galvanized steel (G)
INNER LINER Polypropylene fabric
HOSE WALL Multiple layers of fabric/film/tubes
COVER Blue PVC-covered polyester
OUTER WIRE Galvanized steel (G)

-40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C)

APPLICATIONS Hose loading arms in bottom loading applications at bulk distributing and refining facilities
COMPARE TO Peraflex BL-GGP Bottom Loading; Tift 901/401 Bottom Loading; Unichem Uni-BL; Wilcox 4124SS/4121SG
COUPLINGS Permanently attached one-piece TTMA (Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association) flanges.
ASSEMBLIES Per customer requirement; hydrostatically tested to 150% of the rated working pressure.

Part #

ID (in) Min Bend Rad (in) Max Rec WP (psi) Max Lg (ft)
4500GG-3000 3 9.5 200 70
4500GG-4000 4 16.0 200 70

Inner and outer wire also available in stainless steel (316). Example part #: 1000GS-4000 = galvanized inner wire, stainless steel outer.


How to Order

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