Petroleum (Aircraft) Industrial Hoses | Parker | GOLD LABEL® Cold Temperature Aircraft Fueling Hose | 7776CT Series

Series 7776CT is a low temperature, high pressure hose for top deck reel and platform type aircraft fueling equipment. The proprietary rubber compounds enable this hose to stay flexible in extreme low temperatures, and the hose construction and materials provide a path to conduct a static electrical discharge to ground. The premium nitrile tube minimizes permeation and will not contaminate product going through the hose, and the nitrile cover is resistant to abrasion, oil and weathering. The hose is also suitable for defueling service at low pressures (suction/vacuum rating to 8 in. Hg).


TUBE Black nitrile
REINFORCEMENT Multiple textile plies

Static conductive black nitrile; wrapped finish

TEMPERATURE RANGE -55°F to 180°F (-48°C to 82°C)
INDUSTRY STANDARDS API 1529:2005, Type C-CT, Grade 2; NFPA 407:2007
APPLICATIONS Aircraft fueling with avgas and jet fuel in cold temperature environments
VACUUM To 8" Hg<
COMPARE TO Contitech Elaflex HDLT-C


Part #

ID (in) Reinf Plies OD (in) Max Rec WP (psi)
7776CT-1000 1 2 1.690 300
7776CT-1250 1-1/4 2 1.940 300
7776CT-1500 1-1/2 4 2.190 300
7776CT-2000  2 4  2.710  300
7776CT-2500 2-1/2 4 3.190 300
7776CT-3000 3 4 3.690 300
7776CT-4000 4 6 4.850 300



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