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Series 7777 is a flexible connector hose for aviation fuel supplied through an adjustable elevated aircraft service platform, called a Jac-Riser, connected to a mobile dispenser cart that is supplied with an in-ground hydrant system. The hose construction and materials provide a path to conduct a static electrical discharge to ground, and the dual wire helix provides flexibility, kink resistance and full suction capability for both fueling and defueling/unloading service. The premium nitrile tube minimizes permeation and will not contaminate product going through the hose, and the nitrile cover is resistant to abrasion and oil. Series 7777 is available in 200-foot continuous lengths.


TUBE Black nitrile
REINFORCEMENT Multiple textile plies with dual wire helix

Static conductive black nitrile; wrapped finish

TEMPERATURE RANGE -40°F to 180°F (-40°C to 82°C)
INDUSTRY STANDARDS API 1529:2005, Type E, Grade 2; NFPA 407:2007; BS EN1361:2004
APPLICATIONS Aircraft fueling and defueling/unloading with avgas and jet fuel
COMPARE TO Contitech Elaflex TW; Eaton Carter 64405; Semperit 56132 TAPE


Part #

ID (in) Reinf Plies OD (in) Min Bend Rad (in) Max Rec WP (psi)
7776-2000 2 4 2.720 8.0 300
7776-2500 2-1/2 4 3.290 10.0 300
7776-3000 3 4 3.930 12.0 300
7776-4000 4 4 4.980 16.0 300



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