Petroleum (Transport) Industrial Hoses | Parker | Orange PVC Banding Coil/PVC Abrasion Coil | SP100/XSP100 Series


Series SP100 is a rugged PVC coil that threads onto a complementary hose end to create a uniform banding area for coupling attachment. The coil fills the gaps between the loops of the outer PVC helix, providing an area for securing the banding clamp or ferrule. Series XSP100 threads onto the entire length of a complementary hose to protect it from abrasion and scuffs, helping to extend hose life in highly abrasive areas. Series SP100 and XSP100 are applied to Parker SP204, SP330, SP353 and SP483 hoses.

SP100 (ea)

Part #

Hose ID (in) Turns
SP100-2000 2 8
SP100-3000 3 10
SP100-4000 4 10
SP100-6000 6 16


XSP100 (ft)

Part #

Hose ID (in) Ft
XSP100-2000 2 100
XSP100-3000 3 100
XSP100-4000 4 100
XSP100-6000 6 100



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