Petroleum (Transport) Industrial Hoses | Parker | MPW-1000® High Pressure Wire Braid Multipurpose Hose | 7204 Series


Series 7204 is an extremely versatile hose designed to handle air, chemicals, oil, refined fuels such as biodiesel (to B20 in dedicated service), diesel, ethanol and gasoline, saturated steam and water. The hose construction incorporates a premium grade tube especially suited for high temperature materials such as hot asphalt, glue, oil, tar and wax to 300°F intermittent (149°C/177°C). The high tensile wire braid reinforcement provides durability, kink resistance, high pressure capability and superior coupling retention, and the cover is resistant to heat, oil and weathering. Series 7204 is also designed for saturated steam applications at temperatures to 368°F (187°C) and pressures to 150 psi (10.3 bar). The tube resists popcorning and oil-based detergents and rust inhibitors found in steam systems.

Note: Do not use for fuel dispensing service applications requiring API, NFPA, UL, ULC or any other agency approval or listing. Hose does not meet SAE standards for mobile equipment or vehicle engine service.


TUBE Black nitrile
REINFORCEMENT One wire braid

Black chloroprene; perforated wrapped finish


Steam: -20°F to 368°F (-29°C to 187°C), saturated steam to 150 psi max WP

Other: -20°F to 300°F (-29°C to 149°C)/ 350°F (177°C) intermittent

DESIGN FACTOR 4:1 (10.1 Steam)
  • Air, mild chemicals, oil, water; hot asphalt, glue, tar and wax; biodiesel (to B20 in dedicated service), diesel, ethanol, gasoline
  • High pressure washdown; cleaning containment vessels and manufacturing equipment; cleaning and heating processing equipment
  • Construction, general industrial, refineries
VACUUM Not recommended
COMPARE TO Boston Hot Tar Pumping; Gates 319MB Gold Master; Veyance Pyroflex


Use only hoses designated for steam service for steam applications. Use ONLY Parker recommended hose coupling combinations for steam applications. Refer to CrimpSource at

Drain steam hose after each use to reduce the possibility of hose popcorning while in service.

Part #

ID (in) Reinf Braids OD (in) Min Bend Rad (in) Max Rec WP (psi, Non-Steam Applications) Perm Cplg Rec*
7204-501 1/2 1 0.906 7.0 1000 43
7204-751 3/4 1 1.187 9.5 1000 43
7204-1001 1 1 1.500 12.0 1000 43

*Couplings: Refer to CrimpSource at for coupling recommendations and crimp specifications.


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