Pneumatic Cylinder Operating Principles - Fundamental Cylinders

 Standard Double Acting Cylinder

Standard Double Acting Cylinders

  • Power stroke in both directions
  • Used in the majority of applications

 Double-Rod Cylinder

Double-Rod Cylinders

  • Used when equal displacement is needed on both sides of piston
  • Extra end may be used to mount cams for operating limit switches, etc.

 Spring Return Single-Acting Cylinder

Spring Return, Single-Acting Cylinders

  • For very small, short stroke cylinders used for holding/clamping
  • Not recommended when a long stroke is needed

 Ram Type Single-Acting Cylinder

Ram Type, Single-Acting Cylinders

  • Contains only one fluid chamber
  • Usually mounted vertically; weight of the load retracts the cylinder
  • Practical for long strokes

Telescoping Cylinder

Telescoping Cylinders

  • Available with up to 4 or 5 sleeves
  • Collapsed length is shorter than standard cylinders
  • Available in either single-acting or double-acting styles

Tandem Cylinder 

Tandem Cylinders

  • Two cylinders mounted in line connected by common piston
  • Rod seals installed between cylinders permit double-acting operation
  • Allow increased output force when mounting width or height are restricted

 Duplex Cylinder

Duplex Cylinders

  • Two cylinders mounted in line with unconnected pistons
  • Rod seals installed between cylinders permit double-acting operation
  • Generally used to provide three position operation



Available Pneumatic Cylinder Styles

Tie-rod air cylinder - non-rotating Tie Rod Cylinders Guided Cylinders
Round Body Cylinders Rodless Cylinders
Compact Cylinders    


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Engineering & Product Selection Information

Pneumatic Product Selection

  • Pneumatic Actuators & Air Cylinders
  • Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Automation Products: rotary actuators, grippers, slide tables, rotary tables, escapement
  • Actuator Accessories: Linear alignment couplers, flow controls, air oil tanks, rodlocks, electronic sensors, shock absorbers

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