Deceleration Force and Air Requirements for Parker Air Cylinders

Air Cylinder Kinetic Energy Graph

Air Cylinders - Kinetic Energy Graph

Cushion ratings for air cylinders can be determined by consulting the Kinetic Energy Graph above and the Piston Rod Assembly Weight Table below. To determine whether a cylinder will adequately stop a load without damage to the cylinder, the weight of the load (including the piston/piston rod weight from the Piston Rod Assembly Weight Table) and the maximum speed of the piston rod must first be determined. Enter the Kinetic Energy Graph at the base for the value of weight determined and project vertically to the required speed value. The point of intersection of these two lines will be the cushion rating number required for the application.

To determine the total load to be moved, the weight of the piston and rod must be included.

Total Weight = weight of the piston and non-stroke rod length (column 1) + weight of the rod per inch of stroke x the inches of stroke (Column 2) + the load to be moved

Example: A 3-1/4" bore cylinder with a 1" rod diameter and 25" of stroke; external load to be moved is 85 lbs. Total load to be moved is then (3.3 lbs) + (0.223 lbs/inch x 25 in) + (85 lbs) for a total of 93.9 lbs

4MA Piston Rod Assembly Weight Table

Bore Rod Dia. (mm)

Column 1

Basic Weight for piston and non-stroke rod (lbs)

Column 2

Basic weight for each 1" of stroke (lbs)

1-1/2 5/8 1.1 0.087
1 N/A N/A
2 5/8 1.2 0.087
1 2.1 0.223
2-1/2 5/8 1.5 0.087
1 2.3 0.223
 3-1/4 1 3.3 0.223
1-3/8 4.9 0.421
4 1 3.8 0.223
1-3/8 5.4 0.421


1 5.0 0.223
1-3/8 6.5 0.421


1-3/8 8.3 0.421
1-3/4 11.8 0.682


1-3/8 12.4 0.421
1-3/4 15.0 0.682

Note: Aluminum piston used for weight calculation.


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