Rectangular Flange Mounting Styles J & H for 4MA/4ML Series Tie Rod Cylinders, 6" Bore Sizes | Parker

Style J (NFPA MF1) - Head Rectangular Flange

 4MA Large Bore J Mounting Style


Note: Style J has a W dimension instead of WF and an LA dimension instead of LAF because of the flange installation. Please use dimensions W and LA regarding rod ends only for Style J.


For reference, WF = W + F and LA= W + A.


4MA Large Bore J Mounting Style Head4MA Large Bore J Mounting Style Body

Style H (NFPA MF2) - Cap Rectangular Flange

4MA Large Bore H Mounting Style


4MA Large Bore H Mounting Style Head 4MA Large Bore H Mounting Style Body

Styles J & H

 Bore Size
Rod # Rod Dia. MM  A
6 1 1-3/8 1.625 6.50 .750 .563 2.500 4.880 7.625 8.625 0.875 5.750 7.375 6.625
6 3 1-3/4 2.000 6.50 .750 .563 3.125 4.880 7.625 8.625 1.125 5.750 7.625 6.875

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Round Body Cylinders
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Guided Cylinders
Rodless Cylinders


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