NFPA 4MA & 4ML Series Tie Rod Cylinders, 1-1/2" to 5" Bore Sizes | Parker




  • Industry leading aluminum NFPA interchangeable cylinder with flexible construction
  • Removable bronze alloy gland/bearing for easy maintenance
  • Extruded-profile aluminum body with integrated switch grooves
  • Cushions - standard or adjustable at both ends, optional non-cushioned
  • Strokes available in any practical stroke length

Operating Information:

Operating pressure -

  • 4MA: 250 PSI (17 bar) maximum air service
  • 4ML: 400 PSI (27 bar) maximum hydraulic service

Temperature range -

  • Standard seals: -10°F to 165°F
  • Fluorocarbon seals: -10°F to 250°F
  • Lower temperature seals: -50°F to 150°F

General Specifications:

  • Bore sizes - 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3-1/4", 4" and 5"
  • Rod diameters - 5/8", 1" and 1-3/8"
  • 4 standard rod end styles; specials available
  • Single or double rod ends
  • 20 standard mounting styles
  • RoHS compliant

Material Specs Options and Modifications Mounting Styles


Material Specifications for Standard Temperatures and Applications

Head and Cap Black anodized aluminum alloy
Head and Cap Screws Zinc plated steel alloy
Cylinder Body Clear anodized aluminum alloy
Piston Rod Case-hardened, chrome plated carbon steel
Rod Seal Carboxylated nitrile (Nitroxile)
Rod Wiper Molythane
Rod Bearing (Gland) Bronze alloy
Piston Aluminum alloy
Piston Seals Carboxylated nitrile (Nitroxile)
Piston Bearing Composite (for standard piston); MolyGard™ (for aluminum piston)
Magnetic Ring Plastic-bound magnetic material
Piston Fastener Piston rod for aluminum piston
O-Rings Nitrile
End Seals Nitrile
Cushion Seals Urethane
Cushion Needle Valves Stainless steel
Tie-Rods/Studs Blackened carbon steel 1018 (some mounts)
Tie-Rod Nuts Steel alloy, SAE J995 Grade 8 (some mounts)

Options and Modifications:

  • Adjustable cushions
  • Non-magnetic piston (magnetic ring standard)
  • Piston bumper seals
  • Piston bumpers (1/4" thick)
  • Port and adjustable cushion relocation
  • Port thread styles
  • Multiple ports
  • Special heads, caps, pistons and mounts
  • Double rod end
  • Oversize rod diameters
  • Rod materials (grades of stainless steel)
  • Fluorocarbon rod wiper and rod seal only
  • Fluorocarbon seals (all cylinder seals)
  • Metallic rod wiper
  • HI LOAD gland assembly
  • Stop tube
  • Mixed mountings
  • Round tube and tie rod construction
  • Stainless steel fasteners/tie rods
  • Shock absorber on cap end
  • NuCushion bumpers
  • Hydro-Check unit for smooth hydraulic control
  • Air cylinder/valve combination (ACVB)
  • Adjustable point sensors
  • Continuous linear position sensing (LPSO)
  • High temperature service (to 250°F)
  • Low temperature service (to -50°F)
  • Hydraulic service (4ML - 400 PSI)
  • Rod lock version (see 4MAJ)

(For a guided version of the 4MA/4ML Series, please see the HB Series page.

Mounting Styles - Dimensions:


Available Pneumatic Cylinder Styles

Tie-rod air cylinder - non-rotating Tie Rod Cylinders
Round Body Cylinders
Compact Cylinders
Guided Cylinders
Rodless Cylinders


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  • Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Automation Products: rotary actuators, grippers, slide tables, rotary tables, escapement
  • Actuator Accessories: Linear alignment couplers, flow controls, air oil tanks, rodlocks, electronic sensors, shock absorbers

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